1. What recycling programs are promoted in Fresno California?

We have many recycling programs that are accessible to anyone. One of Fresno many recycling programs is the"Give the gift of sight" which is where you can drop off your old eyeglasses or sunglasses so they can be cleaned, repaired,then they will be given away to someone who needs a pair. We also have the "Dell product Recycling" which is after registering the owners will get a prepaid shipping label that way when they get a new computer they can just recycle their old one.They also do a education program where they go to your school and talk to the children about recycling and how important it is.

2. Are the people taking advantage of the recycling programs and promotions?
This Is How We See Recycling

Many people take advantage of the recycling programs. They recycle because because it's good for the environment, also they recycle for the cash incentive that they receive. All ages and races of people recycle for the betterment of their own financial and the environmental benefits. almost everything is recyclable now except car tires. People also recycle used motor oil. Many things can be recycled but people just don't know about them.

3. Are there any incentives for recycling?
Men's Health Voted Us #1!!!!

Yes for instance in Fresno Ca you get $0.16 per gallon of used motor oil that you recycle. Also for aluminum cans it is $1.80 to $2.00 for a pound of cans, for plastic bottle $.60 to$.75 per pound depending on where you go to recycle them. There is also tax incentives for recycling in California. Recycling also creates jobs for instance when you take something in to get recycled someone has to do the dirty work so your creating jobs for other people who are in dire need of the extra money.


Acceptable Materials

      • All Paper**
Including books, junk mail, envelopes, newspaper, inserts, telephone books, magazines, catalogs, flattened paper milk cartons, juice boxes, office paper including computer, copy & ledger paper, construction paper & manila folders, paper bags and packaging.

      • All Cardboard**
Including flattened cereal & other dry food boxes.
      • All Plastic** (except Styrofoam)
//////click here for more info on plastic//////Including milk & juice containers, shrink & bubble wrap,
plastic grocery bags, & plastic toys.
“Please empty and remove caps"

      • ALL Metal**
Including aluminum cans, tin/steel cans,
empty paint & aerosol cans, lawn chair frames, metal frames, all steel items (remember all items must fit loosely in your cart).

      • Small Appliances**
Including transistor radios, blow-dryers, curling irons,
small microwave ovens, coffee pots, toaster ovens, small power tools (batteries removed).

      • Glass (empty)**
Including all container glass, jars, and bottles.
“No sheet glass, windows, ceramic glass, or mirrors.”

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