According to the Fresno Police Department, there are "approximately 110 gangs and an estimated 8,000 validated gang members in the city of Fresno alone." ("A Statewide Effort: CALGrip") Many of these individuals are teenagers between the ages of 12-18 years-old, and this includes females as well as males. In fact, "6% to 10% are females." ("Gang Facts and Statistics") Of these, many are
teens between the ages of 12-18.

"Governor Schwarzenegger today proposed an anti-gang initiative to fight gang violence in California. The California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention Program (CalGRIP) will target more than $48 million in state and federal funding toward local anti-gang efforts, including job training, education and intervention programs, and will give law enforcement the tools to closely track gang leaders both inside state prisons and when they are released on parole. " ("Press Release") Since Fresno is a California city that ranks in the top
25 for homicides, Fresno is eligible for federal money.

The Mayor Gang Prevention Initiative said that it helps gang affiliated people to remove themselves from the gang lifestyle. The mayor's idea is to create "an environment where gang members and “wanna-be” gang members obtain educational services, job skills and social skills to achieve success in a socially acceptable manner.” (" Mayor's Gang Prevention Initiative") Their goal is to prevent youth crime, violence, and involvement while developing a positive relationship between law enforcement officials, school officials, families, and young people to create safer communities. The key objectives are:

  1. Remove validated gang members from the gang lifestyle.
  2. Prevent wanna-be/associate level youth/adult from validation/escalating into full gang membership.
  3. Return "school drop-outs" who are validated or wanna-be/associated level youth/adult gang members back into the educational system.
  4. Facilitate the employment of gang involved individuals who have a desire to leave the gang lifestyle.

The reason why the mayor is helping is because there is so many teens messing up their lives by joining gangs to be cool. Many of these teen's join gangs because of the influences they see and it also depends on the location they live in.


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