Marijuana Legalization

In California, only medical marijuana is allowed. The laws for marijuana would change big time if it became legalized. People would be able to smoke it without the worry of being caught and then spending the night in jail. But, that would only apply to people over 21. So, all the people that need it that are underage who can't apply for medical marijuana, well lets just say that they will be mad. Medical marijuana is only allowed to certain people (the people the doctors think really need it).

13 states so far have legalized medical marijuana. Most states think that if they legalize marijuana (even if medical) that the people will think its okay to smoke non-medical marijuana. In Oakland, if you have a medical card your allowed to have 72 marijuana plants! And in Los Angeles, there are people selling marijuana in almost every liquor or drug store. The way California has all these rights for medical marijuana makes it seem legal. Medical marijuana has made california so much more money they should just legalize it already. In Alameda County the health department charges $103 and $51.50 just to upgrade to a medical marijuana i.d card. But the age limit is still 21 for medical marijuana (even if its not legalized).
If marijuana becomes legal... you mite see this is in a gas station...


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