In-N-Out burger has been open since 1948 and has been dedicated for 68 years to giving quality food and service. There are no heat lamps, microwaves, or freezers everything is made fresh for each customers order.With such great quality In-N-Out burger has thrived in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Serving 100% pure USDA approved beef, In-N-Out has made burger history. Fresh never frozen beef makes their restaurant one of the healthiest fast food chains in the world. With only 18g of fat and only 1 trans fat helps proves a case. ("In-N-Out Burger Facts ")

It wouldn't be fast food without french fries. Skinned and cut special for each order, In-N-Out has found the secret to healthy life. No seasoning of fats are added for flavor. There are no microwaves or freezers customers may observe french fries being made from hand-diced, fresh,whole potatoes("French Fries Nutrition "). The best way to eat their fries is buying a milkshake and using that for flavor, which leads me to my next topic milkshakes.07burgers.jpg

A healthy dairy product or a cup full of fat waiting for someone to take a sip. This may surprise you but, In-N-Out burger's milkshakes received a B+ on a Nutritional Analysis. Made from real ingredients In-N-Out keeps it's health streak going. Not only are their burgers healthy and their fries as well, this is were competitors fail to raise above. Milkshakes in nutritional value trump the rest and leave them in their dust. One of these delicious milkshakes has about 100 calories which is as much as those snack pack on television. " Each milkshake is made from real ice cream and not artificial syrups." (Schlosser 259-60)


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