IN-N-OUT Employee Relations

In-N-Out Burgers has been serving their customers with great food with good services. To have good services is to treat their employees well. At In-N-Out Burgers the employees get treat better compare to other fast food restaurant.
Ok let’s start with the pay. We all know it’s rude to ask someone how much they get pay for their job. With this information no one have to ask another “How much you get pay at In-N-Out Burgers?” In-N-Out Burgers pays their employees with $10.00 per hour. Discard the new employee or old, all employees get at a minimum of $10.00 per hour. At other fast food restaurant would hire at $8.00 per hour (California’s minimum wage). Now let’s compare and see the difference between the pay. If one person works at In-N-Out Burgers for 165 days, 6 hours per day, he’ll/she’ll make about $9900.00 Ok now if another person work at Mc Donald’s with the same amount of days and hours of the In-N-Out Burgers employee, he’ll/she’ll only be making about $7920.00 The difference would be around $1980.00, and that is a giant gap between the pay. There is no doubt that In-N-Out Burgers have the best pay for fast food restaurant.

n-N-Out Burgers not only pays well but it allows flexible schedules for school or other activities. One thing that In-N-Out Burger’s employees enjoy is that the company pays for the vacation and also allows free meals. In-N-Out Burger offers their employee with a comprehensive training and with a 401k plan too. In-N-Out Burger wants their employees to do well in the working environment. So they want their employees to go on as manager. In-N-Out Burger encourages their employees with a ongoing training so they could be a manager. Most of the manager staff started as associates and gotten promoted within. On average a manager would earn under $100,000 a year.
Ok now to something that benefits the employees. In-N-Out Burger provides many types of insurance. The types of insurance that In-N-Out Burger offers is dental, vision, life, and travel insurance. These are the types of insurances that In-N-Out Burger offer. These are the basic insurances that most place would offer.


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