Georges st.pierre is a proffesional mix martial artist who holds black belts in kyokushin karate and Brazilian jiu- jitsu.He was born May 19,1981 in Quebec ,Canada and weights 170 pounds with a height of 5 feet tall and 10.5 inches.At age seven gsp learned how karate to defend himself from a school bully,but when he saw hall of fame MMA fighter Royce Gracie at UFC 1 it inspired him to be a UFC champion. But he is from the welterweight division where he is a two time and reigning UFC welterweight champion of the world.He has other known awards such as 2008 Canadien athlete of the year,4 awards for the 2009 fighter of the year,but the first MMA fighter to be runner up for the Lional Conacher award.

Georges st.pierre made his UFC debut at UFC 46. When he defeated Karo Parisyan by unamious decision on Jan 31,2004 .He holds a record of twenty wins and two losses. Eight wins were by the count of knockout , five submissions ,seven decisions. The two losses were by knockout and submission. The submission loss was to Matt Hughes a legend in the UFC and it was by submission due to an arm bar in the first round and the matchup was for the vacant UFC champion in the welterweight division. The second loss was to Matt the 'Terra' Serra.On April 7 ,2009 at UFC 69 Georges st .pierre
loss the welterweight champion in Houston ,Texas in round one do to technical knockout with a series of punches to the head. But georges was not done when he loss the UFC champion on August 25,2007 Georges fought Josh Koscheck and the winner would face champion.Georges won the fight by unamious decision.Georges fought Matt Huges and the winner would the UFC champion.Georges beat Matt Huges in the second round with 4:55 left.Then at UFC 83 on April 18 ,2008 Georges fought Matt Serra for the title in his hometown of Montreal and Georges beat him in round two due to a series of blows and a stop by refferre. Then georges became the reigning welterweight champion and still is .His next fight will be against Josh Koscheck in November.