The three R's which the mayor thinks are very important for fresno
Fresno Recycling Overview

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    Mayor Ashley Swearingin states she is very proud of the citizens of Fresno

    The magazine that we were voted by
    How were we voted and who were we voted by?

Fresno was rated A+ for best american city for recycling in a magazine called Men’s Health..("Where Recycling Rules" )
The magazine ranked 100 cities in the U.S but they gave Fresno California the #1 ranking because of Fresno’s residential recycling programs. There wasn’t that many websites with information on any other magazine voting on fresno,all of the websites said men’s health were the ones that did that ranking they all said to visit the website for more information on that.

Reasons why we were voted number 1?

One of the reasons we were voted number 1 as a Anonymous source said that it was because the state mandated Fresno to divert 71% of our waste out of the landfill but into Fresno’s recycling programs. Another good reason why we might have been voted is because Fresno’s residents have a lot of chances to recycle, because we have a lot of the blue recycling bins in each household such as at our airports, convention centers, etc. here in fresno. So basically its all up to people to recycle because bottles and paper can’t get recycled al by itself and we need to help make our planet a better place to live in. If the residents of Fresno didn’t recycle I don’t think we would have had that ranking in that magazine.

People all around the world though recycle for a main reason which is that the money that you can get out of recycling is a big advantage to them.Which all over Fresno there is a lot of places where you could exchange a lot of recyclable items for cash. But there’s people who just recycle because they know the importance of recycling and how its good for the planet. Either way its good to recycle as you can see since we were nominated number 1 in the ranking men’s health did.

We got some of our information on The City of Fresno news release("City of Fresno News Release")Print.which was released on February 18 ,2009. In that news release the mayor Ashley Swearingen stated, ‘’I am extremely proud of our entire solid waste team for implementing such a successful recycling program and commend the citizen’s of Fresno for their ongoing efforts to reduce ,reuse and recycle.

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