Fresno's Recycling Performance


Fresno was voted number 1 for recycling by the magazine men's health on the year of 2009 and the ranking hasn't been updated for this year so we dont't know yet if the ranking is still true to this very day.Reduce means-decreasuig unnecssary and wasteful purchases decreasing the volume decreasing pollutants.Reuse means-taking care of our stuff and Repurposing clonating.Recycling is a processs collection and segregation processing and remanu facturing purchase and use recycling benefits you,society and enviorment recycling important cleaner air and protects the enviorment.

"On September 20,2005 the fresno city council adopted a Mandatory Recycling ordinance the adoption, in effect, requires as of October 29,2005 all residential and commercial property owner within the city limits to have recycling services,failure to adopt and impiement this ord